QUICKBOOKs enterprise

Initial one time Enterprise set-up fee: $500.00**


Set-up is completed at Acute Education business office and includes*:


  • Set up Company Information and Preferences
  • Creation of numbered Chart of Accounts
  • Owner/Equity Section
  • Customers/Jobs – 5 customers with addresses, phone & terms(Import from excel if available)
  • Vendors – 5 vendors with addresses, phone & terms (Import from excel if available)
  • Items list & Sales Tax codes – Maximum of 5 to 10 items with proper account designations

*New Set-up file will be used for training

If the file (.qbw) is exists then with Enterprise we offer 2 and 4 hour sessions to introduce the basics or we can customize to troubleshoot files for $110.00 per hour plus travel fee if on site.